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Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing

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Sales Development

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Marketing Strategy

We develop marketing strategies which combine all of your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. Our marketing strategies are drawn from market research and focus your marketing efforts in order to achieve the maximum profit and sustain the business. Great marketing campaigns begin with great marketing strategy. At Lotus 8 Marketing, we partner with you to get the results you want.

Digital Marketing

Many firms extol the virtues of every conceivable marketing channel: email, SEO, SEM, social, etc. And many channels might work for you, but the key to a successful marketing strategy is focusing on a few channels and using them really well. Often that means understanding the dynamics of that marketing channel deeply and leveraging those dynamics for your specific company.


A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, that taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Brand identity is a living breathing thing that might need to evolve as it interacts with consumers. Whether your just starting out or looking to evolve we can help you establish a presence in the consumer's mind that will help you to attract and keep customers.

Sales Business Development

Technology has changed the B2B selling process. But, have no fear, were here to help you navigate those changes. The interaction between the salesperson and a high-probability prospect hasn’t changed as much as you might think. Once a prospect with intent-to-buy engages with two or three competing salespeople, the choice is made based on capability and trust, same as it ever was. We help our clients develop processes that integrate technology in order to successfully identify, connect with, and qualify leads.

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